Wish you could install a sensor where no cable or power exists?  We have a solution for you.

Our patent-pending solution, XT-900 is the heart of our solution. Connect any sensor to XT-900 and get its data on your control system I/O Module. Absolutely no wire. XT-900 provides power from its internal battery to your sensor and transmits the sensor’s data to your database, PLC module, or electrical control panel. You will be notified of the sensor status and signal value via SMS or email notification.


XT-=900 is a battery-powered wireless data transducer that interfaces to a range of sensors, inputs and outputs, GPS, and uploads data via LoRaWAN networks. Great for remote sensor monitoring applications.

The internal ISM band antenna provides for convenient installation and reliability.

XT-900 is ultra-low power and is designed to run off a set of 3 x 1.5V Alkaline or Lithium batteries. The off the shelf batteries are low cost and readily available.

XT-900 supports digital inputs with pulse counting capability and Analogue inputs reading 0V to 30V with auto-ranging.

The GPS module allows the XT-900 to periodically update its location and time. This is very handy to know the exact position of your sensors and to obtain an accurate time update.