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To Protect Your Organisation Requires Exceptional Security Specialists


Leverage Expert, Cost-Effective Security Services

The effective management of a cyber security incident can greatly decrease its severity and cost. As budgets tighten and operational resources are harder to come by, outsourcing your security solution is an excellent way to achieve operational excellence of the security technology while freeing you up to focus on your business.

Access Security Specialists That Manage Your Key Assets with the Right Attention to Detail

Our outsource model delivers highly qualified security specialists made up of senior consultants that come with deep and wide security experience of more than 10 years. This includes security architects and engineers, penetration testers and incident responders as well as our governance, risk and compliance teams that intimately understand how to apply policy to all operations of security.

Our security engineers compliment the skills within your own business so your staff can focus on what they do best.

Key reasons to engage Content Security as your managed security services partner:

  • Access security expertise at your doorstep  As a local Australian consultancy with offices in major cities, we provide a high level of personal service to keep your business functioning and secure from cyber threats. Because our security engineers operate almost as though they are part of your organisation, they will have a real understanding of your key information assets and will collaboratively work with your team to build a secure framework across your most critical assets.
  • Reducing your risk – By outsourcing the management of your security solution or platform, you never have to worry that the security of key information assets will be vulnerable due to staff leaving and then having to up-skill new staff to the right level of competence. Consistency in managing your security is essential, as cyber criminals will exploit any vulnerabilities or weaknesses within your business or staff if vigilance is lowered.
  • Control your Security Budget with Predictable cost – A Content Security managed service agreement not only provides excellence in security management, you will know exactly how much to pay. This is unlike the seesaw of dealing with varying costs associated with hiring consultants at different rates, hiring new staff or putting existing staff onto training.
  • React Quickly to Threats – Deep and wide experience is critical when faced with a cyber threat. When a new situation occurs – whether that is ransomeware, a cyber incident or system failure – you can pick up the phone or email an engineer and have it resolved quickly and efficiently. Our expert security specialists don’t waste valuable time researching forums or learning by trial and error.
  • Resource Allocation Made Easy – Instead of having to find time to schedule in work, you have a team of engineers who can work on your deployment within pre-defined SLA’s. This means you have a guaranteed time to delivery when you raise a request, and you are not trying to juggle projects internally.
  • Tap into Security Thought leadership – Because we take the time to develop a detailed understanding of how your network operates, what your risk appetite is and what your information assets are, we can provide you with specific, focused advice on how to best structure your deployment to ensure your overall risk is reduced. Our reporting also provides your engineers with the ability to focus on the most critical tasks required so your business remains secure.


A Flexible Managed Service Model To Suit Your Business Needs

We want you to spend less time worrying about your security and more time dedicated towards growing your business. We provide engineering and flexible managed services around your security investments so critical tasks are performed in a timely manner. You benefit by getting the best from your security technologies.

Our methodology on projects or assignments allows you to have the flexibility to choose what stage of service your require from Content Security.

Services range from providing install and design to a flexible support program on your key technologies through to a fully managed security service. Our capability covers your security architecture, key vendor technologies and cloud applications.



You can pick and choose your service

Plan, Design and Implement: Get it right the first time.

In the initial stage of a security investment it’s important to get the right advice and expertise on technology recently acquired. Using our professional services team ensures that the technology is implemented in a timely manner, and your business reaps the benefit of the investment quicker.

Operate and Manage: Take the headache away of day-to-day operational tasks

We enable you to focus on your strategy rather than security operations. Our service works to strongly incorporate your company culture and values while delivering a level of operational excellence across your security investment.

Maintain: Consistency is critical to achieve excellence

Once your technology is implemented and functional, it is also critical to maintain it to achieve ongoing optimal results and performance excellence. Our services ensure that your solutions are kept up-to-date and are aligned with the most recent versions. This helps toughen your security network making it more difficult for cyber criminals to infiltrate your environment.

Troubleshoot and Support: Immediate access when you need help

Our support team is just a call away to manage and troubleshoot your issues with your key security technologies. No matter how good a technology is maintained it is bound to break. Our flexible support services will help you minimise the downtime and ensure that the business is not affected.

Optimise and Improve: Continuous Improvement

We walk with you through the lifecycle journey of your security technologies. Our team of security experts are continuously trained and educated on global best practices and we share this knowledge as we engage with you during a technology lifecycle.


It Is Likely You’ve Been Breached. You Just Don’t Know It.

See what lurks inside your network

Traditional preventative security controls are no longer sufficient in the current cyber threat landscape. Today, attackers are able to hide their activity behind the accounts of legitimate users. Fileless malware attacks have rendered sandboxes and application whitelisting solutions powerless. Additionally, cyber criminals have time and budget on their hands to continually look for a weakness in your organisation, and once inside, they have time to wait until the right opportunity presents itself.

How to detect unknown threats currently invisible to your traditional security systems?

Threat Hunting is the act of proactively looking for indicators of compromise on endpoints or servers. Threat Hunters are experienced security analysts, using their knowledge of defensive and offensive security techniques to seek out malicious threat actors. They use a combination of tools to spot the anomaly or suspicious behaviour that’s occurring in your network.

We find hidden acts of compromise

Threat Hunters will find acts of compromise that neither your firewall, SIEM, IPS, anti-virus or other automated security technologies will detect. Considering it takes an average of 200 days for an organisation to realise they’ve been breached, it is highly likely you have been breached and don’t know it.

Take your Security Operations Centre to the next level. Find the stealthy persistent attacks that traditional SIEM technology don’t detect and are usually only discovered by the best and most expensive – security analysts.

Benefits of Threat Hunting

  • Reduce time and cost of investigations
  • Understand your risks and prioritise accordingly
  • Identify previously unknown threats
  • Make investment decisions based on increased detection accuracy
  • Agile remediation
  • Gain full visibility of your endpoints
  • Keep your organisation as secure as possible at all times


Get It Right The First Time

We help ensure your security technologies are designed, implemented and integrated correctly the first time.

This gives you the confidence to invest in new technology and successfully deploy it within your organisation without the headache finding the right people to implement it. It sets you up to more readily achieve a positive return on your security investment.

We help by delivering the right skills and expertise to manage the different complexities of your chosen security technology. Our combined team has experience in security and solution architecture, cloud infrastructure, gateway, endpoint, email and web and security analytics.

Key benefits of using our Professional Services:

  • Reduce the cost of planning and implementing with predictable timelines
  • Achieve outcomes with end-to-end management of your security
  • Free-up your team to stay focused on business critical functions
  • No need to find, hire and manage a contractor for a single project
  • Maximise the value of your security solutions so you achieve a better security posture
  • Implementation by certified and experienced local engineers with Australian industry experience
  • Our engineers follow global and vendor best practices for all projects

Our services include:

  • Solution scoping and transition services
  • Solution design and architecture
  • Solution implementation and migration projects
  • Solution refresh and upgrades
  • Cyber Security reviews
  • Solution health checks and audit services

Smarter detection and prevention

We have experience implementing and managing a diverse range of security solutions to help organisations better manage technology investments and reduce exposure to cyber threats. Whether it involves network infrastructure, social or cloud environments, mobile platforms or any other technology that your business relies on, we can help.

Personalised Security Service

Tap into our experienced security specialists and enjoy the benefits of a single point of contact while having peace of mind that a subject matter expert is only a phone call away. Your Technical Account Manager will be backed by the full technical support and consulting teams from Content Security.

Security solution training

As technologies continue to upgrade, it’s important to continually update your training to get the most benefit from new enhancements. Content Security provides educational sessions so your team can access new features while you achieve a good return on your investment.


Protecting your brand, reputation and bottom line through robust security architecture


Gap Analysis

Need to Achieve Compliance?

The first step is to undertake a gap analysis of your current level of compliance with legislation or standards. This helps you to:

  • Have a holistic view of their current information security posture in comparison to internationally accepted security standards and legislations such as ISO 27001, NIST, ASD-ISM, PCI-DSS.
  • Develop a security roadmap to identify and prioritise the projects based on a business risk-driven based approach.


 How We Help You
  • We work closely with your management team to identify and establish the business context and requirements of having information security.
  • We conduct interview meetings with process owners and your IT department to identify and assess the control environment and current IT projects.
  • We identify and analyse the effectiveness and efficiency of security controls and their importance to the business.
  • We provide strategic recommendations to mitigate identified control gaps.

Why Content Security?

  • Seasoned, experienced and business-minded security consultants with an average of 10 years experience having conducted hundreds of gap analyses to clients across state and local government, health and nonprofit organisations.
  • Well-versed with legislative and regulatory compliance such asFederal Privacy Act Amendment (2012), ISO 27001, PCI-DS, and regulatory compliance examinations with standards such as PCI-DSS, ISO 27001, ISM ASD and ITIL/ISO 2000.



Information Security Framework (ISO 27001)

Helping build your security strategy

To be truly secure, enterprise wide, you need the right strategy. This is where an information security framework will help your business:

  • Manage and protect information in a consistent and cohesive way
  • Showcase management commitment to protect your brand from cyber threats
  • Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your security controls

Having a compliant framework also ensures that information security requirements are aligned with business goals and objectives, and that security is everyone’s responsibility.

To help you, we follow requirements identified by ISO 27001 standard that assist to establish and implement an information security framework.

Our Approach

We evaluate the following:

  • That there is leadership support and commitment to information security
  • That an information security risk management process is formalised, well-communicated and is aligned with the business risk profile
  • That information security controls are documented, evolved and are continuously monitored and improved upon
  • That security policies and standards are formalised, reflecting the environment, and communicated with relevant employees


CISO On Demand

A Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is a C-level manager that is responsible for developing and communicating information security strategy for the entire business and advising on successful deployment of the strategy.

This is where Content Security’s CISO as a Service, can provide you with the following:

  • Security strategy and architecture
  • Compliance advisory services
  • Any ongoing security concerns or issues
  • Security events that have occurred in your environment
  • Security requirements for new internal projects
  • Insight on new trends in the security industry
  • Updates on remediation progress.



Mandatory Data Breach Notification

Easily conform to Technical and Business Requirements of New 2017 Legislation

Are you prepared for the Mandatory Data Breach Notification Compliance?

In February 2017, the Senate passed the Privacy Amendment (Notifiable Data Breaches) Bill 2016 bringing Australia in line with other countries globally. These laws will take effect within 12 months, giving businesses limited time to prepare for compliance with the new legislation.

This amendment requires businesses to not only report unauthorised access to, or disclosure of, personal information, but also to investigate any suspicions of a data breach, whether or not there are reasonable grounds to believe that one has occurred.

Summary of the Australian Privacy Principle 11:

  • APP 11 requires an APP entity to take active measures to ensure the security
    of personal information it holds, and to actively consider whether it is
    permitted to retain personal information
  • An APP entity that holds personal information must take reasonable steps to protect the information from misuse, interference and loss, as well as unauthorised access, modification or disclosure
  • An APP entity must take reasonable steps to destroy or de-identify the personal information it holds once the personal information is no longer needed for any purpose for which the personal information may be used or disclosed under the APPs

Time is running out. Be prepared to comply with new legislation coming soon!


Expose your Weaknesses with Penetration Testing

Scheduled penetration testing can uncover vulnerabilities and can provide in depth information on actual, exploitable security threats. We use ethical, automated and manual hacking techniques to analyse your entire network, exposing every possible way into your IT and business environment.

Industry experts at your fingertips

With cyber threats constantly being invented and evolving, you need up-to-date qualified security specialists to keep your organisation secure. Our senior technical team includes qualified software engineers, ISO 27001 auditors, PCI QSAs, IRAP assessors and IT security professionals. Not only will our team list vulnerabilities before an attacker exploits them, they will also help you fix the problem. This reduces the risk of your organisation falling victim to a cyber-attack.


Why you need an incident response plan

As the focus of information security shifts from prevention to detection, an Incident Response Plan is a critical layer in your organisations’ security policy. Our Incident Response team can identify your current detection and response ability and expand this to provide the required visibility. We will provide you with the retained services of an incident response consultant and you can also call upon the Content Security Blue Team when an incident occurs. Minimise impact of incidents and maximise organisational security!


See The Gaps In Your Network To Lower Security Risk

Why do a Penetration Test?

  • Improve your security
  • Find out what you don’t know
  • Validate your security position
  • Ensure you are complying to policies and legal obligations

In the same way car manufacturers test the safety of cars through crash testing, organisations check the security of their IT systems by testing their resilience against an active attack. Penetration testing simulates such an attack, using the same tools and techniques used by criminals, malicious insiders and other attackers.

Unearth Your Real Security Issues

Not all penetration testing is equal. Our security consultants — who have more than 5-10 years experience in IT security — use a combination of manual and automated techniques to identify vulnerabilities. Once identified, the tester will attempt to exploit the vulnerabilities to see what additional access, information and privileges can be gained.

We don’t just give a best effort test or simply attempt to get in. We don’t just find an open door and then forget about the open windows. Instead, we work to find all vulnerabilities and provide a full audit for potential security issues.

Our aim is to unearth the root cause of a security issue. We work to fix the cause of the problem not just the symptoms.

This type of laser-like focus we give to penetration testing helps your organisation build a more resilient and impenetrable security posture.


Prevent Downtime, Protect Your Brand, Reduce Cost

Incidents are Inevitable

With an estimated 42 million incidents occurring each year, it’s likely you will be hit with ongoing security incidents.

Without effective incident management, an incident could result in loss of services. At the least, it may leave you unsure about what data was disclosed and whether contracts, privacy obligations and compliance standards were breached.

In order to respond to these incidents effectively, it’s imperative you implement formal incident management.

Content Security’s incident response enables you to:

  • Have greater visibility over your environment
  • Be armed with the right knowledge at the right time, to proactively respond to incidents as they occur
  • Effectively contain incidents
  • Protect your data and key business processes
  • Protect your organisation’s reputation and brand
  • Quickly return to business-as-usual


Recreate Actual Attack Scenarios

Test Your Organisation’s Detect and Respond Capabilities

Unlike Penetration Testing, Red Team campaigns focus on accessing rather than testing security controls and methods that you may not have anticipated.

While traditional Penetration testing is crucial to security it can be limited due to time and scope constraints. Red Teaming goes further by providing an adversary simulation service that recreates actual attack scenarios on available, and exposed attack surfaces.


A red team engagement initially involves off-site reconnaissance using public sources about the organisation prior to actively polling organisational targets. Targets could include physical worksites or offices and external internet exposed systems. Red teaming also simulates social engineering attacks like getting your employees to give up confidential information. The aim is to achieve an internal position within the corporate network. Once an internal position has been achieved, the campaign moves into solidifying persistence on the corporate network and extracting data without detection.

Rather than only just replicating the most likely attack methods, Red Teams will also try unlikely or custom exploits to bypass intrusion detection systems used by your organisation.


Highlight Gaps In User Security

90% of Security Attacks are Due to Human Error

It’s a known fact that users are the weakest link in securing your organisation. Without knowing what to look for and how to protect against social engineering attacks, your users might end up being used to compromise your organisation.

Social Engineering and Physical Intrusion testing aims to highlight gaps in your users’ resilience against such attacks, performing the same attacks that are likely to allow attackers in.


To minimise your users potentially compromising organisational security, we provide the following services:

  • Email phishing: Users will be sent an email containing misleading information tempting them into running potentially malicious software.
  • Phone: A social engineering specialist will call multiple users and attempt to gain information, passwords and access to the user system.
  • USB Drop: A social engineering specialist will leave a number of USB sticks on customer premises containing specialised software. This software will alert Content Security if the USB is inserted into a system and run.
  • Physical Intrusion: Security consultants will attempt to break into a customer location through tailgating, social engineering, and manipulation of access control systems.

Our social engineering can fully support Information Security Awareness Training by providing a base to work on and by validating that the training is effective.