Plug sensor to unit A and receive sensor status at Unit B, Vice Versa for Inputs and Outputs, absolutely no configuration needed.

RT 900 300x211 - RT-900 Config-less wireless Sensor/Actuator link (Plug and Play)

Many times, the electrical system maintainers and engineers need to get a few points of digital or analog inputs and outputs from point A to point B, but can’t find a feasible way of running the wires? The RT-900 Radio pair is a config-less easy replacement for hardwired I/O that is simple to deploy. The Kit requires no configuration at all– just wire strippers and a screwdriver. There is no communication protocol to interpret.

The radios are paired by pressing the pair button on both units A and B and the pairing is done automatically, so there are no settings or configurations to figure out. It is bi-directional, so digital and analog signals can be sent in both directions between two connected I/O stations. Inputs on one module are simply replicated as outputs on the corresponding module. Our wireless I/O makes use of the unlicensed ISM band at 900 MHz. The radios can send I/O up to 15 kilometers for the 900 MHz. Each radio pair can connect up to 16 I/O  analog and digital point, more than enough for most applications.