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LT 900 GPS  Transparent 840x440 - LT-900 GPS Asset Tracking Solution with Non-Invasive Liquid Level Sensor

LT-900 GPS Mobile Asset Tracking Solution (With non-invasive liquid level sensor) Engineered with Safety in Mind, Reviewed by Functional Safety Experts LT-900 is a complete asset track-monitor-report solution comprising a transceiver, a level sensor, and the back end server and  database.  This solution reports the location and sensory data to the relevant stakeholders in customized formats. The transceiver is a…


XT-900 WIRELESS BATTERY-POWERED SENSOR SOLUTION Wish you could install a sensor where no cable or power exists?  We have a solution for you. Our patent-pending solution, XT-900 is the heart of our solution. Connect any sensor to XT-900 and get its data on your control system I/O Module. Absolutely no wire. XT-900 provides power from its internal battery to your…

RT 900 840x440 - RT-900 Config-less wireless Sensor/Actuator link (Plug and Play)

Plug sensor to unit A and receive sensor status at Unit B, Vice Versa for Inputs and Outputs, absolutely no configuration needed. Many times, the electrical system maintainers and engineers need to get a few points of digital or analog inputs and outputs from point A to point B, but can’t find a feasible way of running the wires? The…


Over the last 10 years, s5system has established itself as a major provider of engineering design for Control, SCADA, Safety Systems, Industrial Analyzer, HIPPS system and metering packages.


ERP – MOM – Shop Floor
Vertical and horizontal system integration makes an important contribution to future development towards digitalising production.
In this environment s5system offers end-to-end solutions of system integration for ERP (ISA L4), MOM (ISA L3) and Shopfloor (ISA L2), from consulting to implementation and support.


While a lot of big companies are already familiar with the applications and advantages of Industry 4.0, SMEs are starting to discover the benefits as well. To meet the demand for personalized products and services and to be able to compete with big players, SMEs must also embrace the logic of data and insights to steer processes. But the best is yet to come for them: companies like SAP and Microsoft are pushing forward to make Industry 4.0 attainable for players of all industries and sizes. s5system is more than happy to guide you.


We have experience implementing and managing a diverse range of security solutions to help organisations better manage technology investments and reduce exposure to cyber threats. Whether it involves network infrastructure, social or cloud environments, mobile platforms or any other technology that your business relies on, we can help.


Biotechnology is the field where living systems meets with technology to develop products and solution and to fulfil demands from food to health industry.


Technology powering the Internet of Things (IoT) is already revolutionizing traditional industries, hospitality is no different.


The Internet of Things is set to disrupt the way we live and work. Smart homes filled with connected products are loaded with possibilities to make our lives easier, more convenient, and more comfortable.