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We are your local experts in control systems and automation, based in Perth, teamed up to provide the needed technology and smart solutions to free your sensors from the limits imposed by cabling power and data.

We have the expertise to provide energy harvesting from thermal or solar and vibration sources, to extend the supply of power to the remote sensors and actuators.

These innovative devices enable the industry to use any type of sensors or actuators to be battery powered and wirelessly send and receive data. That means absolutely no cables.

We offer a wide range of communication platforms, such as LTE/3G, Licence-free (ISM-Band) sub-gigahertz Radio Frequency, Satellite, WIFI, Bluetooth.

We have expertise in automation, functional safety and controls, complemented by utilizing the Internet of Things (IoT).

We are local to WA to support your industry needs. Our solutions are native innovations.




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02. overview

Who We Are?

We are industrial control systems and IOT Solutions integration experts teamed up as an Australian Company to service Industry 4.0 and futuristic services to the local industries.

Working from over two decade in embedded systems development, safety related systems, industrial control system, and process automation, S5 System Pty Ltd is a Premier, Full Service IOT integration Group with special focus on Security, Scale and Performance across all IoT landscape. S5 system is apt at early adoption of new technologies for its’ clients to always stay ahead of the curve in their technological strategy.

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